Jay Schenck

Jay is a 25-year fitness professional, and the owner and creator of Body 5 Fitness. Know as a trainer to the Hamptons elite, and the “Model Maker”, his training facilities and customized exercise programs have changed the lives of over 2000 clients.

I give people real fitness, it’s why my gyms have an unparalleled success rate. I am also a firm believer that with willpower and the right team, anything is possible. I’ve worked with pro-athletes, models, fitness competitors, soccer moms and dads, and child athletes for over two decades, and we’ve produced one success story after another. The Schenck fitness philosophy speaks for itself, and its diversity gives every client exactly what they want in the most efficient amount of time.   

  • Certified Personal & Master Trainer

  • Certified Sports Nutritionist

  • Competition Prep Coach

  • Certified Youth Track & Field Coach

  • Youth Athletic Conditioning Coach

  • NPC Men’s Physique Competitor

  • NYC Fitness Model & Lifestyle Model